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"Being a member of the AADS has given me the opportunity to rub shoulders with peers and representatives from all corners of our industry. The invaluable knowledge and friendships gained have helped our business grow."
John Jamieson, Diesel Care

Welcome to the AADS Website

​The Association of Australasian Diesel Specialists represents the particular interests and expertise of businesses and individuals operating in the diesel community within the Australasian area, particularly Australia and New Zealand. Its members consist of diesel fuel injection specialists, turbocharger specialists, spare parts supply specialists, diesel fuel injection equipment manufacturers, turbocharger manufacturers, diagnostic equipment suppliers, diesel engine manufacturers and educators. In fact, anyone with an interest in modern turbocharged diesel equipment across a number of different membership categories.


The website aims to showcase the expertise embodied in the diesel community in Australasia. We encourage you to utilise the information and expertise contained in the following pages.

News & Updates!

Keep up to date with industry news local and abroad on our NEWS page. If you have industry relate news, or if your Diesel/Turbocharger business has an news, development or an announcement please feel free to send detail here by email

Features to the new website

We have made some changes to this website with more information pages available under the "About Us" and "Members Only" headings. This includes Videos and a Forum. To access this area you will need to set up your account (see top right of the website) and have your information verified. Please include the business you work for to speed up the verification process.  

Under the "About Us" tab you will be able to learn more about your National Committee through the "Committee Profiles" page and also see recent News items.


While in the Members Only area (new users will need to log on by clicking in the top right of the website and have your registration verified)  you with find an Equipment For Sale page. This is where members can buy and sell (or trade) equipment (not parts please). You will need to contact the committee member responsible for the website (Currently Craig Mills) to add a listing. As well as this, you will find the National Committee Meeting Minutes and Branch Meeting Minutes and a new Forum.


Wayne Dunning - Honorary Life Member

Association of Australasian Diesel Specialists Life Member Wayne Dunning (centre, above with NZ Branch Chair, Marty Kemp and Matthew Fletcher) was presented with a special award at the 2015 New Zealand Branch Conference. This award was given to Wayne for his continued dedication to the association and particularly the DFI industry for in excess of 4 decades.

Wayne has inspired and led many AADS members over his time with the DFI industry. On behalf of the Association of Australasian Diesel Specialists we would like to thank Wayne for his passion, his dedication and his leadership.  We wish Wayne all the best success for whatever life throws at him in the coming years. Wayne will always be a welcome guest at any AADS event and it is hoped our paths will cross again many more times in the future.

Congratulations to the new AADS committee elected into office at the 2015 AGM:

Craig Mills - President (NZ)
John Jamieson - Vice President (NSW)
Neil Quick - Public Officer (NSW)
Lloyd Richardson - Treasurer (QLD)
Ken Ringrose - Committee Member (WA)
Stuart Pascoe - Comittee Member (VIC)
Ross Worgan - Committee Member (NSW)
New Release Spotlight

Honeywell to Provide Turbos to Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1

Development of the "hybrid turbo," an electrically assisted turbocharger

Seiichi Ibaraki, Yukio Yamashita, Kunio Sumida, Hiroshi Ogita, Yasuaki Jinnai
If automotive engines are to achieve better environmental properties and drivability, they must be equipped with more advanced systems for operation control. Electrical operation systems are now being incorporated in engine designs for this purpose. The "hybrid turbo" is an electrically assisted turbocharger with a high-speed motor generator built in. When operating in the low-speed engine mode, the hybrid turbo can achieve better combustion, purer exhaust gas, improved torque response, and torque enhancements with motor assistance. In the high-speed engine mode, it can operate with very high efficiency by achieving regeneration of electric power in excess of the exhaust gas energy. For these reasons, the electrically assisted turbocharger is expected to be adopted as the turbocharger of the future. In recent engine tests, a new hybrid turbo developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has been proven to operate with improved engine torque and enhanced response compared to a conventional turbocharger. The effectiveness of this hybrid turbo has thus been confirmed.

Honda Develops VTEC TURBO Direct Injection Gasoline Turbo Engine That Achieves Class-leading Output and Environmental Performance

1.0 L 3-cylinder direct injection gasoline turbo engine
1.5 L 4-cylinder direct injection gasoline turbo engine
2.0 L 4-cylinder direct injection gasoline turbo engine

Cummins unveils 5-liter diesel engine for light- and medium-duty commercial markets

Just a few weeks after announcing a partnership with Nissan to supply the automaker with 5-liter turbo diesel engines for the next-generation Titan pickup line, Cummins has unveiled the ISV5.0, a 5-liter diesel engine aimed at the light- and medium-duty commercial vehicle market.
The ISV5.0 marks the latest announcement from Cummins as the engine maker continues to branch out from its Class 8 heritage. "We've worked hard to understand what the market needs and wants," said Jeff Jones, Vice President of Cummins' North American engine business. "The recipe that we use in all the markets round the world we've applied here."
The ISV5.0 features Cummins' variable geometry turbocharger, Bosch high pressure common rail fueling system, two-stage filtration using Cummins Filtration's NanoNet media, cooled exhaust gas recirculation and Cummins Emission Solutions aftertreatment system with a diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction technology.
"With the launch of the ISV5.0, the engine becomes part of a growing family of one of the most capable and broadest product offerings in the industry," says Dave Crompton, vice president and general manager of Cummins' engine business. "Many of our customers have asked for a Cummins alternative for gasoline or other small displacement automotive diesel engines. The ISV5.0 represents the next dimension in fuel economy and performance as Cummins continues to broaden our on-highway product line."
Diesel Torque Advertising Rate Card

Diesel Torque advertising rate card (Click Here for PDF). If you would like to advertise in Diesel Torque please email us with the details or any questions.

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    The Association of Australasian Diesel Specialists represents the particular interests and expertise of businesses and individuals operating in the diesel community within the Australasian area, particularly Australia and New Zealand.

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